Pigs Ear Uley Brewery


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CAMRA's Champion Beer of Gloucestershire 2007. Deceptively strong IPA that is eminently quaffable. A pale-coloured beer with a light hop balance leads to a hoppy, fruity aroma and smooth, finish. A wolf in sheep's clothing!


Colour: Golden

Aroma: Hoppy fruity

Taste: Smooth finish. Deceptively strong IPA, eminently quaffable.


Brewing at Uley began in 1833 at Price's Brewery. After a long gap, the premises were restored and Uley Brewery opened in 1985. The brewery has its own spring water, which is used to mash with Tuckers Maris Otter malt and boiled with Hereford hops. No sugar or additives are added. Uley serves 40-50 free-trade outlets in the Cotswold area and, says owner Chas Wright, contrary to 'decline in cask ales, we have never been busier!'